Thursday, June 20, 2019

Trump Out of Control? Who Flew the Drone?

It would seem that President Trump has no say in American foreign policy.    Israel has taken over completely leaving Trump out of the loop - so it seems.   His advisors, Israeli-firster John Bolton, and Evangelical Pompeo, are a greater threat to America and the world than they are to Iran.

On June 17, 2019,  one of Israel's foremost hasbara media publications, The Jerusalem Post made a bizarre claim.  It stated that according to 'diplomatic sources at the U.N., the United States was assessing plans to carry out a tactical assault on Iran in response to the [false flag] tanker attack; and that it would be an "aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program."

This report spread like wild fire by conservative and liberal alike.  Anti-war and warmongers both weighing in on the report.  It seems that these days, Israel/its lackeys announce their false flags ahead of time!  Perhaps they feel it will prime and prep the minds of the sheeple with their media arms everywhere.

Unsurprisingly, 24 hours later, Iran spots a drone over its territorial waters headed towards for its territory.  It is inconceivable that after the threatening announcement by the Israeli paper, the Iranian authorities would allow a drone to fly over Iranian territory.  The drone shot down - understandably.  Not long afterward, we are told the drone was a sophisticated American drone.  No doubt, but was it being operated by American forces?

Warmongers are salivating - calling it an "unprovoked attack".   John Bolton is on his way to Israel for fresh instruction.  Media is in overdrive.

If Iran is attacked in any way, their first act of retaliation would be an attack on Israel, the shutting of the Strait of Hormuz, and the American troops in the region.  UAE and Saudi Arabia would not fare any better.

There has never been a more pressing time -- and perhaps the only time -- than the present for the world to stand up to US/Israeli aggression.  


  1. Excellent article. Exactly right who is running US Foreign policy - Bolton, Pompeo and Israel?? Whatever happened to the US President, the congress, the senate? And yes, who has an incentive to fly the drone on Iranian airspace. War is not to the interest of the US and the American people. We have nothing to gain, but more debt and our soldiers in harms way and create further havoc in the wartorn Middle East - for what? Iran is no threat to US and we know it!!!

  2. There are three distinct factors with the current administration, when it comes to middle east: A)- the role of an illegitimate-state-sponsor-terrorist regime, Israel, who formulates U.S policy in middle east and relay it to Washington for implementation, as articulated by the author; B)-in Trump administration, everything is for sale, family, nation, soul. it only requires a right price. Trump and associates are setting up their businesses with Saudi and other Arab gangsters for after election; and C)- most of those so-called hawks are draft-dodgers who have never been in war and their closest experience with war has been some TV shows. These groups will pay millions of dollars to hide in a foxhole, if they ever found themselves in a real situation. one crucial factor I missed was the fact that they are unaware of Iranian resilience when it comes to nationalism and protection of their land.