Sunday, May 18, 2014

Western Compassion and the Boko Haram

1998 Clinton’s national security agenda made it clear that unhampered access to Nigerian oil and other vital resources was a key US policy.  Push for African oil was on Dick Cheney’s desk on May 31, 2000. IASPS (Israeli think tank) in 2002 suggested American push toward African oil .  the same year Boko Haram was established.

AFRICOM in 2007 helped consolidate this push into the region.  2010 International energy outlook considered West Coast of Africa to be the new oil frontier.

Nigeria second biggest recipient of Africa funds from international military education and training.    Obama administration increased the aid by 30%.  The objective has been to build capacity of local security forces to suppress domestic and regional forces who challenge the US plans .

US positioning itself to use military force to make sure African oil flows to the US.
Washington understands better than anyone that the simplest way to ramp-up a military presence in any region is to create a public enemy.  Voila, you have one in Nigeria.

Curious that Jacob Zenn gave the link to the video to CNN.  How odd that someone so opposed to Western Education should use Western means and a Washington Foundation – the Jamestown foundation established in 1984 to recruit Soviet dissidents for propagating its message!

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