Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Egypt, el-Sisi, the Nile, and Treason


What is happening with el-Sisi and Egypt has broad implications.

Gone are the days when wars were fought over oil.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Colonizing the Saudi Women

When I repeatedly say that Saudi's time is coming to an end, I am not taken seriously. This production is not about 'women's rights', it is about women in Saudi Arabia being "Westernized" - two very distinctly different issues The US (and prior to that other Western colonizers) has always used women as a central issue to disrupt a government. It specifically even suggested using "music" (mostly hip-hop) to reach the Arab and Moslem youth. Women are key to colonizing a society (cultural colonization which is followed by full scale neocolonial).
So while AJ may publish this (and I am glad they did) out of hostilities between the countries, one must also view this with a different perspective and what the message of the video actually is - and the goal of it.
I have zero tolerance for the Saudi leaders and the heinous crimes they have committed against other nations - and continue to commit, including genocide. That said, I am firmly against foreign interference in the internal dynamics of a country.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

interview on Egypt Africa Middle East

I had a very interesting interview with Salaamedia from Africa. Frankly, it is rare for me to enjoy interviews (and focus for long!). But the host Inayet was superb. Very well informed and made it easy and pleasurable to talk.

Egypt and broader implications