Monday, May 12, 2014

American media has a field day with Boko Haram videos!

The American media is having a field day with this nonsense about Boko Haram – rumored to be CIA backed.   

Back to Islam bashing.   

The video/s of the Boko Haram conveniently forwarded to CNN (!) gives the neocons perfect excuse to put additional boots on the ground in Nigeria to steal their oil as prescribed by the Israeli-based think tank, IASPS who opined in 2002 that the US should turn to Africa for its oil and Israel should control the oil in the Middle East.  How convenient.

A few years later, Chatham House made clear what the intentions are:

There is another side to all this – and I have this dire prediction.  I pray that I am wrong – in fact, I hope I am off the wall on this.

A few days ago, the EU asked for an investigation of the Odessa massacre 

Course, this is the same EU that refused to acknowledge and investigate the Maidan sniper shooting in spite of the leaked conversation.  But my feeling is that US/NATO would never admit to a false flag, or admit that their 'guys' - the coup regime and fascist therein are responsible . How would they explain it?  Either blame it on Russia, which no one will buy, or worse, blame it on the Tartars . After all, for over 2 decades the West has created Islamophobia and the ignorant are too ready to accept that Moslems are responsible for ghastly acts.  It would be a way out for all.   The ground work for this was laid.   Here is an excerpt:
"In addition to enthusiastically assisting the German and Romanian invaders with massacring Crimean Jews and hunting down anti-Nazi partisans, Crimean Tatars joined a specially created SS Regiment: Tataren-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment der SS (The Tatar Mountain Jager SS Regiment), akin to the numerous SS divisions, regiments, and brigades made up of Soviet and Balkan Muslims."

I believe it is important to keep an eye on these developments.

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