Monday, June 19, 2017

High Level Leaks a "Conspiracy"?

In his article, Phil Giraldi argues there may be a dangerous conspiracy at work ( "Do High-Level Leaks Suggest a Conspiracy" ). I think we are all looking at things (including Phil's article) with a degree of intelligence and integrity. These are absent in the world of "governing" (if you want to call it that) and America's power projection. It may well be that this mad man was somehow enabled to carry out exactly what he is doing. Deepening the mess in Syria and the Middle East, Afghanistan, emboldening Saudis, writing a blank check for Israeli atrocities, and allowing America to OPENLY giving a finger to the world. After all, intimidating the world with a mad, unpredictable man is in itself a tactic. Maybe this is a lesson learnt from North Korea, though personally I give the thumbs up to the North Koreans. But we all know that the president does not formulate the foreign policy agenda. If America fails to achieve its various goals with Trump, the plan 'B' is to impeach him (which is in the works). This will enable the US to "reset" and give the false illusion of a 'transparent democracy'. A food for thought: During the presidential campaign, the media managed to dig up an old 'sex' tape of his, but failed to dig up or show Trump stating that there was demolition at the towers on 911. Doesn't seem odd to anyone? Also food for thought: his tweets then and now would all be but ignored were it not for the media. So you have to wonder why the media is promoting them (even in the negative) just as it is promoting ISIS.

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