Monday, February 20, 2017

McMaster: Trump’s Pick for NSA – Proponent of “Alternate Facts”

In this 3 minute clip of McMaster interview with Charlie Rose (
 McMasters made the following claim:  We underestimated the trauma the Iraqis lived in under Saddam, the poor social services, the poor healthcare, and the education!   And that it was these, and the lack of education of the younger generation that led to them being influenced by Zarqawi.   Seriously?!

According to UNESCO, that prior to the first Gulf War in 1991 Iraq had one of the best educational performances in the region. Primary school Gross Enrollment Rate was 100% and literacy levels were high. Since that time education has suffered as a result of American-led domination, sanctions, and instability.

Its healthcare was enviable.  Iraq had developed a centralized free healthcare system in the 1970s using a hospital based, capital-intensive model of curative care. The country depended on large-scale imports of medicines, medical equipment and even nurses, paid for with oil export income, according to a “Watching Brief” report issued jointly by the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Health Organization in July 2003. Unlike other poorer countries, which focused on mass health care using primary care practitioners, Iraq developed a Westernized system of sophisticated hospitals with advanced medical procedures, provided by specialist physicians. The UNICEF/WHO report noted that prior to 1990, 97 percent of the urban dwellers and 71 percent of the rural population had access to free primary health care; just 2 percent of hospital beds were privately managed.”

Seems “alternate facts’ rules supreme!

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