Monday, December 19, 2016

The Killing of Adrey Karlov

The assassination of Andrey Karlov Karlov, the Russian envoy to Turkey is tragic.  What is more tragic, at least politically, is that (some) Russians, as with the "failed coup in Turkey", are only looking at the obvious (parroted by American mainstream media but with different wording) and look at this as an attempt to distance Russia and Turkey. I expect American media to point to the obvious, but expected Russians to be have more critical thinking capabilities.  What is undeniable is the fact that this incident is making the Russians the villains of the war crimes committed in Syria by US-led partners in crime.   How could the mainstream Western media not gloat over the words of the assassin and build on those words?

Moreover, today's terrorist act enables the separation of Russia and Moslems, it facilitate turning them on each other.   Getting the stage ready for Trump and his plans.  

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