Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire - On Victor and Victory

Supporters of Palestinians have been quick to shout out 'victory'. This is inaccurate
and dangerous.   The defeat was in the court of public opinion, the
outrage against Israel's brutality and the killing of civilians and
destroying infrastructure was the only reason Israel stopped - for now,
because of pressure from outside.  It was the dead children, the
disproportional use of force that put a stop to the present conflict.  

The only reason Netanyahu stopped slaughtering the Gazans was because of
the international pressure, not HAMAS muscle.  Israel is taking a
breather.  Israel and Palestine signed a cease fire for an indefinite
period that basically puts them back where they were in 2012, and before
that in 2008, with the exception of thousands more dead and Gaza
completely destroyed.  Military victory by definition is accomplishing
one's goal. The blockade has been eased before.  

The world sided with Gaza as a people trapped in an open air prison, of
indiscriminate killing, of a grossly uneven battle.   To cheer for
military victor of Hamas puts Hamas on the same footing as one of the most
powerful armies in the world.  It opens the door for further Israeli
aggression in the future paving the way for a war between two sides where
as this is only a resistance to occupation - at a very high cost, only to
go back where they were 2 years ago with more negotiations pending.  In a
month, when further negotiations are supposed to be taking place, all
Congressional members will be busy trying to win Israel's backing for the
mid-term elections.

This 'victory' is a halt to killing of Gazans, a political move by Israel
to rebuild goodwill and pressure allies.  To discourage the BDS, and to
rebuild its image.  The only victory would be for crimes against humanity
to be acknowledged, for genocide to be acknowledged, and Israel punished.  
As it is, they are busy building more settlements and exporting Gaza's
gas.  This is not victory.  It is a pause.
More aid going to Israel from US.  I

All this bragging, and without Israel  being held accountable, will only
make the next battle more deadly, Israel more aggressive.   Israel needs
Hamas as an enemy to expand.  Before Hamas it was the PLO.  

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