Monday, July 14, 2014

Boycott Media Lies

STOP Media Lies
Here’s HOW

When: Monday, July 21, 2014

Media lies are responsible for wars, mass killings, and genocide.   They frame issues (propaganda) and justify killings.  We can STOP this dangerous assault on the truth and save humanity.   We must act quickly.

Media’s power comes from its reach – from ratings, which translates into money.    We, as individuals and collectively, feed this cycle.  Reduce the reach, lower the ratings, deprive it income.  Boycott.

It is DOABLE.   We can start with the most egregious (may vary from country to country), boycotting 3 outlets for 3 days until behavioral change is noted (rely on other media outlets to see if change has been instituted.  Do NOT watch, listen, or read online the following:

CNN:  Parent Company, Time Warner.   
Note host Wolf Blitzer, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, Oren as Middle East analyst, Newt Gingrich, Christine Amanpour. 

CBS:   Owner, Sumner Redstone (described as one of the 50 most influential Jews).
FOX: Parent Company NewsCorp
For this to be effective, we must have numbers.  This is what must be done:

Enlist at least 5 people (ideally with one of them having a different ideological view from yours – its doable) to commit to the boycott, the stations, and the days – July 21, 22, & 23.   

Ask them to enlists 5 people, get commitment and inform you of the accomplishment.

Repeat the pattern.

Keep track of the numbers.  

It is no longer sufficient for us to simply blow off steam on FB and other social media.  We must act.  We must bring the cycle of killing and lies to an end.   We must unite and put in the effort.  Let us save humanity.

We will plan our next phase in two weeks and after the initial response.

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