Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Legality of Theft

This is a repost of a 2005 article which is very relevant today.  The post was published on Iranian website

The Legality of Theft
By: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
The greatest evil is to convert the law to an instrument of plunder

There is no doubt the United Nations has become the organization that converts law to an instrument of plunder.  Shortly after its formation in 1945, it made it clear that it would speak for the might and ignore what is right. So it was that in 1947 Palestinians had half of their land taken from them and given to Jewish migrants.  Today, the Palestinians do not have a state, per se. 

Mute observers world over watched as the United States and Israel violated one law after another, covertly, overtly and ruthlessly under the subservient gaze of the United Nations.  Allies traded their dignity and conscience for the benefit of trade with the empire.  United States, the pied- piper led the pack to moral degradation; greed and fear prompted the allies to cave in.  Having illegally referred Iran to the UNSC by coercing members, Mr.  Bush’s farewell trip to Europe must have incorporated serious arm-twisting for the  European Union once more bent to his will and imposed further sanctions on Iran at their own detriment.  Once again America was successful not only in deceiving the Security Council members but also it used UN to alter the law.

Ironically, while Mr. Bush was successful in prohibiting trade with Iran, the United States enjoys the benefits that come with trading with a shunned state of his making.  With uranium at an all time high as result of demand, the Bush White House has turned to Iranian owned mines in Africa.   According to Reuters “Iran, which the United States accuses of secretly pursuing nuclear weapons”,  has a stake in Rossing Uranium Limited, the world's biggest open-pit uranium mine in the African state of Namibia”[i] .  It is not just the oil that must be plundered by the U.S., the UN helping, but precious uranium. 

Mr. Bush has demanded that Europe seize trade with Iran, no doubt forcing it make favorable deals with trade partners, and hoping that America will not bomb it to oblivion.  However, the likely scenario of America committing genocide so than it can loot all of Iran’s wealth, similar to Iraq, is a more likely scenario.  

UNSC members Russia and China should pay heed to America’s actions.  According to Azar Gat, Ezer Weizman Professor of National Security at Tel Aviv University, while slam is not a viable threat unless weapons of mass destruction fall in the hands of non-state actors,  the “nondemocratic great powers” China and Russia “now operating under authoritarian capitalist” are a threat to democracy and a free world.  Her opinion is that for the survival of democracy these are to be reckoned with,  

China has financed the Iraq war, a war that has bankrupted America; yet Mr. Bush is planning a third war against Iran at the behest of Israel.  Neglecting the badly needed healthcare, improved educational system, and the creation of jobs by improving the infrastructure in this country, he is jeopardizing America’s future.   The greatest evil is to see the conversion of the law to an instrument of plunder’ and remain silent.

[i] Louis Charbonneau “Reuters” 29/1/2005

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