Friday, March 18, 2011

UNSC Role Change - Again!

Four years ago, I wrote about the misdeeds of the UNSC in an article entitled UN Security or Gang Rape (see link here).  With the passing of the no-fly resolution against Libya, it has proven itelf to be a simple toolbox for major powers.  The current resolution is a tool for regime change. 

When it comes to 'humanity' and 'defending civilians', the UNSC gang pick and choose carefully.  While most of their shortcomings has been mentioned in the above link, it is worthwhile mentioning some of the more outrageous and current ones to give us a basis for comparison.

Even after decades of warring and mass murder between the Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda, the UN failed to pass a resolution.  The massacre of the Tutsis started in the 1960's, but Africa was not sexy then.  During 90-91, thousands of Tutsis were  massacred as the UNSC watched.  In April 1994, as the slaughter began, UN forces washed their hands and watched the massacre.  On April 30th, after hours of discussion of Rwanda situation, the UNSC failed to call it what it was - genocide; because it do not want to take action.   It was not until weeks later that the UNSC was obliged to say "act of genocide may have been committed.'    Clearly, the UNSC was not in the business of 'defending' human civilians.
Although the Sudan murders were referred to as genocide, there was no inclinaiton to intervene.  No doubt the oil deals and the arms trade was too lucrative for the Chinese and Americans to think of 'defending' innocent lives.  

Nor was the UNSC in the business of 'defending' the innocent when Palestinians were massacred by Israeli forces.  Where was the 'no fly zone'?  Nor is the UNSC in the business of defending civilians when the Bahrain government brutally cracks down on the protestors an the Saudi army kills them.  But Libya -  How can the powers resist all that oil?  Time for  the UNSC to be the tool for regime change - feigned humanity.   Why was the oil in danger?

 As far back as 2000, it was thought that Qaddafi's revolution was rapidly disintegrating. Libya's economic ossification has led to the rise of an Islamic opposition movement with a claim that a return to religious values could satisfy demands for economic and political regeneration.  Libyans were turning to religion as a uniting factor and a path to defiance.  Islam had been the ideology which had fought colonizers.   What was 'alarming' for the UNSC powers was the possibility of an alliance between the armed forces and the 'Islamists'.

Indpendence is as dangerous as the mad dog that rules Libya.  Bomb them all.

CommonSense prompts us to understand a country's history in order to grasp why the 'international community' - the UNSC gang, responds to situations the way that it does.

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